About JNS.org

JNS.org is an independent, non-profit, business resource and wire service covering Jewish news and Israel news for Jewish, Christian, and secular media throughout the English-speaking world.

We provide objective, non-partisan reporting from Jewish communities throughout the U.S., Europe, South America, South Africa, Australia and a wide array of Israel news. We also provide a rich assortment of photos and art, cultural news and features, commentary, and holiday-specific editorial packages around which our subscribers can sell seasonal-themed advertising.

Like all print media, print Jewish news faces an array of modern challenges. While maintaining a strong focus on online journalism, we see a compelling need to help these weekly print newspapers survive, and a significant opportunity for publishers to protect and even enhance these papers’ historic role as the front lines of Jewish media. They provide the glue that holds their local communities together. Our industry experts, decade-long veterans of proven accomplishment, will provide circulation support and extensive sales management training for publishers prepared to work for the growth of their circulations and revenues.