British-Jewish Ed Miliband mocked for drooling over bacon

Here's what happens when a Jew breaks the rules, especially if he's in politics.

British-Jewish comedian David Schneider mocked British Labour Party leader Edward Miliband, who is also Jewish, for being photographed while eating a sandwich with bacon.

"As a Jew the worst thing with the Miliband pic is he's eating bacon. I confess I've eaten it too, but I didn't inhale," Schneider tweeted, in a homage to Bill Clinton’s famous admission to smoking marijuana, reported the Algemeiner.

Credit: screenshot of David Schneider's tweet about Edward Milliband.

Miliband had been photographed eating the breakfast with bacon at the beginning of his 10-city tour of the U.K. ahead of Thursday’s European and local elections.

“The assembled photographers quickly took an interest after it became apparent that the mound of oozing ketchup and grease could not be tackled elegantly,” the Belfast Telegraph reported.

Apparently the British, just like the rest of us presumably, love it when their politicians get off their high horses and look just as bad as we do when they eat fast food, even better if they're eating bacon and they're Jewish.

Posted on May 22, 2014 .