International headlines blame cease-fire on Israel

Both Spanish and Italian newspapers covered the collapse of the cease-fire between Israel and Hamas with headlines that blamed Israel for the Egyptian proposal's collapse. Credit: Screenshot from Yedioth Ahronoth.

Although Israel had halted all airstrikes for six hours after the 9 a.m. onset of the cease-fire brokered by Egypt on Tuesday, Hamas did not stop launching rockets at Israel. The Israel Defense Forces then resumed its air campaign against Hamas by hitting more than 30 targets in Gaza. 

Despite these facts, many of this morning's headlines in international media implied just the opposite, that Israel, and not Hamas, had violated the cease-fire. A Yedioth Ahronoth article has compiled screenshots of several of the most prominent cases. 

The Washington Post's article on the collapse of the cease-fire was initially headlined "cease-fire ends as Israel resumes attacks in Gaza." CNN had used a similar headline, "cease-fire attempt ends as Israeli airstrikes resume."

Outside the U.S., the Spanish newspaper El Pais used a headline that translates to "Israel resumed the offensive on Gaza after hours of suspension," and the Italian newspaper Corriere della Sera ran with "The truce does not hold, Israel resumes its offensive in the Gaza Strip."

The English-language news outlet Euro News, meanwhile, published the headline "Truce talks crumble as Israel bombs Gaza."

Posted on July 15, 2014 .