Video shows Palestinian children pretending to attack Israelis

A Palestinian child is seen brandishing a fake knife in a simulated terror attack against Israelis. Credit: YouTube screenshot.

The following video, revealed by Israel's Channel 2, shows young Palestinian children celebrating a festival by wearing military uniforms, and brandishing toy knives and machine guns in a play simulating violence against Israelis. The event was broadcast on a Hamas culture channel that airs both in Gaza and the West Bank.

“When Palestinians send their kids to act in this school play no wonder their kids committ (sic) attacks when they’re older," tweeted Ofir Gendelman, the spokesperson on issues relating to Arab media within the Israeli Prime Minister’s Office.

According to the Israeli Foreign Ministry, more than 30 Israelis have been killed by Palestinians in terror attacks since September 2015. More 380 others have been injured. There have been more than 140 stabbings, more than 80 shootings, and more than 40 vehicle attacks by Palestinians against Israelis during the terror wave.

Posted on April 27, 2016 .