What They’re Saying on Israel, ‘Refugees’ and the Holidays

Notable and quotable in the Middle East and the Jewish world. 

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(Click photo to download. Caption: Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu as Hitler giving the Nazi salute, on the cover of the Egyptian weekly October. Credit: MEMRI.)

“If military history describes Hitler and his supporters as Nazis because they supposedly incinerated 6 million Jews in the crematoria, events prove that the gang ruling Israel has vastly surpassed Hitler’s deeds. Indeed, they have committed sins and crimes too egregious for the mountains to bear, and have done deeds no mind can comprehend.”

— A recent front-page article in the Egyptian weekly October titled “The New Nazis: The Black Record of the Israeli Generals,” accompanied by an image of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu as Hitler giving the Nazi salute. Source: MEMRI.


“What Anas and all the heroic prisoners did is a glorious deed (i.e., 3 car bombings), a badge of honor for him, for his family... for our Palestinian people, and for all the free and noble people of our nation.”

—A Fatah official on Anas Jaradat, who headed the Islamic Jihad in Jenin and was responsible for three car bombings in Israel. Source: Palestinian Media Watch.


“Some poor people were brought to Palestine on the promise of security and jobs while they made Palestinian people into refugees... So now Palestinians should go home and those brought here should go to theirs.”

—Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad this past Sunday, describing that the conflict between Israel and the Palestinians can be resolved if Jewish immigrants would return to their countries of origin. Source: Agence France-Presse.


“My Administration is doing everything we can to promote prosperity here at home and security and peace throughout the world—and that includes reaffirming our commitment to the State of Israel. As Jewish tradition teaches us, we may not complete the work, but that must never keep us from trying.”

—President Barack Obama, delivering his High Holy Days message to the Jewish community. Source: White House.


“Am I going to the party on the 5th? Yes.”

—Abraham H. Foxman, national director of the Anti-Defamation League, on Vice President Joe Biden hosting a High Holy Days party at his home this week for Jewish leaders; Foxman added that Biden is “seen as a friend” despite concerns about the Obama Administration’s relationship with the Jewish community. Source: New York Times.


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