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(Click photo to download. Caption: Released terrorist Muhammad Abu Ataya giving a televised interview. Credit: Middle East Media Research Institute.)

Released Terrorists Continue to Express Pride in Their Actions

Palestinian prisoners released in the Gilad Shalit deal continue to take pride in their terrorist acts.

Ahlam Tamimi, who assisted in the August 9, 2001 bombing of the Sbarro’s pizzeria in Jerusalem, which killed 15 and wounded 130 people, said in an interview translated by the Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI) that“I do not regret what happened. Absolutely not. This is the path. I dedicated myself to Jihad for the sake of Allah, and Allah granted me success.” Watch the full video interview at

Released terrorist Muhammad Abu Ataya said Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu “can make as many warnings as he likes,” according to MEMRI.

“His warnings and threats will not deter us from continuing the journey of resistance, on which we embarked decades ago,” Ataya said. Watch the full video interview at

—JointMedia News Service

(Click photo to download. Caption: Mahmoud Abbas. Credit: World Economic Forum.)

Abbas Says ‘It Was Our Mistake’ to Reject 1947 Partition Plan

The Arab nations should have accepted the U.N. partition plan in 1947, Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas said Oct. 28, about one month after he went to the U.N. to seek unilateral recognition of an independent Palestinian state.

In an interview with Israel’s Channel 2, Abbas conceded that “it was our mistake” for not agreeing to U.N. General Assembly Resolution 181, which called for the establishment of a Jewish state alongside an Arab state in the British Mandate for Palestine. According to Abbas, Arabs as a whole are at fault for rejecting the plan and should have acted like the Jews and established a state.

The Palestinian and Arab refusal to accept the U.N. plan in November 1947 was followed by the departure of British forces in May 1948. Israel declared independence soon after, and in the ensuing war held on to land earmarked for the Jewish state.

—Israel Hayom/Exclusive to JointMedia News Service


New Medical School Opens in Northern Israel

The upper Galilee, one of Israel’s most sparsely populated regions, can now boast that it has its own medical school. An effort of many years, through successive Israeli governments, culminated on Monday at a dedication ceremony for the new school in the city of Safed. President Shimon Peres and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, as well as other top officials, were on hand to mark the occasion.

The new school is affiliated with Bar-Ilan University and caters primarily to Israeli medical students who have begun their studies overseas and wish to be accredited by the Israeli government.

After years of navigating bureaucratic hurdles, construction of the new one-square-mile campus, which lies in close proximity to the Safed city center and Ziv Medical Center, began just seven months ago. The cost is estimated at NIS 10 million (roughly $3 million) and the brand-new school currently has more than 120 enrolled students.

—Israel Hayom/Exclusive to JointMedia News Service


‘Immunity’ Declaration: Don’t Exchange Me For Terrorists

Hundreds of regular and reserve Israel Defense Forces soldiers signed a declaration last Sunday stating they do not want the government of Israel to negotiate with terrorist organizations for their freedom should they be abducted.

Dubbed “Immunity” by its initiators—members of the Raananim religious Zionist youth movement—the declaration follows the release of 1,027 Palestinian prisoners in exchange for Gilad Shalit.

The declaration states, “I, the undersigned, a soldier in the IDF, declare that in the event I am taken captive by a terrorist organization, I am requesting not to be released in exchange for terrorists who harmed Israeli citizens. I am sure and I trust that the Israeli government and the IDF will do everything they can to courageously and creatively rescue me.”

The IDF said it “has no part in the activity.”

—Israel Hayom/Exclusive to JointMedia News Service


Saudi Prince Offers $900,000 for Kidnapping of IDF Soldiers, Upping Cleric’s Offer

Prince Khaled bin Talal of Saudi Arabia further raised the stakes for kidnapping,telling the al-Daleel television station last Saturday that he would pay $900,000 for anyone“to capture an Israeli soldier to release other [Palestinian] prisoners,” according to reports.

The prince raised the offer of Dr. Awad al-Qarni—a Muslim cleric and television personality in Saudi Arabia—who previously used his Facebook page to promote a $100,000 reward to kidnap IDF soldiers following the release of Gilad Shalit from Hamas captivity.

“The press reported that the Zionist settlers will pay huge amounts of money to whoever kills the freed Palestinian prisoners,” al-Qarni wrote, according to Ynet.

—JointMedia News Service


Israel Probing Professor Over Anti-Rightist Facebook Posts

Israeli authorities are investigating claims that a chemistry professor at Ben-Gurion University has used Facebook posts to incite violence against Israel’s Right, following a series of complaints from students and faculty alike.

Deputy State Prosecutor Shai Nitzan ordered the police to open an investigation against Dr. Eyal Nir, who teaches biophysical chemistry and holds a Ph.D. from the University of California, Santa Barbara.

In June, Nir allegedly wrote a post on Facebook calling to “break the neck” of right-wing activists who had been planning to march in an Arab neighborhood of Jerusalem while waving Israeli flags. He described right-wing protesters as “gangs of bandits infesting our country.”

Nir refused to comment on the investigation.

—Israel Hayom/Exclusive to JointMedia News Service


Baby Sarkozy Receives Warm Welcome from Shimon Peres

Israeli President Shimon Peres sent a baby gift to the newest addition to France’s first family.

Giulia Sarkozy was born Oct. 26 to French President Nicolas Sarkozy and his wife Carla Bruni-Sarkozy. To mark the occasion, Peres sent a personal congratulatory gift: a pink shirt that reads “I’m a princess” in Hebrew with matching pants. Giulia also received a book of Psalms from the president.

“I send my congratulations to Carla and the baby who, I am sure, will be a source of joy to the Sarkozy family and of pride to her parents,” the president wrote in his greeting, adding that the “people of Israel join me in sending you our best wishes.”

—Israel Hayom/Exclusive to JointMedia News Service


Abbas: Palestinian Authority ‘No Longer an Authority’

Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas, who plans to discuss the fate of the PA with his rivals from Hamas this month, said the PA is “not an authority.”

“The question we must answer is where are we heading?” Abbas—whose term has been expired since January 2009—told his Fatah party in comments published by the Palestine News & Info Agency (WAFA).

Abbas, 76, offered no clues about what he could do to the PA, which depends on the financial support of donors including the EU, the U.S. and Arab governments.

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