Introducing: 180 Fantastish Jewish Things!

JointMedia News Service counts down the 180 best things about being Jewish. Number 180: Holidays that require you to eat, or drink, or both.

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This Purim performance at the Jewish theatre in Warszawa, Poland, reflects the popular value we place on alcohol and jubilance during the holiday. Credit: Henryk Kotowski.

Most Jewish holidays can be oversimplified into the following formula: “They tried to kill us, they failed, let’s eat!”

Overall, Jewish life, as with many other cultures, revolves around drinking and eating—but how many religions can claim it is a mitzvah to actually get drunk (read: Purim), or partake in a 6-hour-long dinner (read: Passover)? True, Judaism also brings with it its share of fasts. Still, a religion that allows, nay—encourages—eating more than a personal trainer might suggest, and consuming more alcohol than your spouse’s disapproving eyes permit?

That, my friends, is fantastish!

Posted on September 27, 2011 and filed under 180 Fantastish Jewish Things.