SIDEBAR. What I wish I’d known: Important wedding tips from brides


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  • A ketubah can take nearly six weeks to be ready so order early.
  • Order flower girl dresses with the wedding dress because they can take up to 6 months to be ready. Alternatively, buy dresses directly from a store. Quinceañera stores are a good option.
  • Hire a driver. It’s a lot easier to have someone who knows where to go.
  • A rented tuxedo can be cut differently from a purchased one. Research the options.
  • Delegate tasks to different people.
  • Consider an afternoon wedding to avoid exhaustion. If it’s a Sunday wedding, this will give out of town guests enough time to fly back and make it to work on Monday.
  • Leave enough time for pictures and have a photo list so you don’t forget important family pictures.
  • Money saver: Include do-it-yourself projects, with the clothes, bouquets, or other decorations. These can be a great bonding experience with your bridal party or family, add a personal touch to the day, and are a good way to keep within the budget if you’re having difficulty.
  • Pictures are all you have to remember your wedding day by, so pick a good photographer and be willing to invest more money in a great one. A bad photographer, even if cheap, is not worth the headache you’ll experience after the wedding.
  • Money saver: Hire a videographer to shoot only raw footage and then edit the video yourself. This can also make for a fun activity, as well as a way to relive the wedding, with your new spouse.
  • READ all of your vendor contracts. Negotiate the details and don’t pay the whole sum to vendors until the work is completed in a satisfactory manner. It seems like a hassle, but arguing with bad vendors over bad contracts is a lot worse.
  • If you’re inviting many out of town guests, consider hosting the wedding at a hotel near the airport.


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