World Briefs 3-6-12

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Despite opposing Assad, Syrian revolutionaries stick with Hezbollah

Click photo to download. Caption: Protestors demonstrate in Idlib, Syria. Amid continuing violence in the country, Syrian opposition leader Dr. Burhan Ghalioun insisted that Hezbollah remains an ally. Credit: EPAAs violence continues in Syria, the largest of the Syrian opposition groups—known as the Syrian National Council—has begun to criticize Hezbollah for its support of the Assad regime. The criticism does not extend, however, to Hezbollah’s policy regarding Israel.

Dr. Burhan Ghalioun, head of the opposition group, said that, “Hezbollah is not our enemy. On the contrary—the greatest support in the Arab World for Hezbollah came from the Syrians because it performed a noble deed when it stood up to Israel and blocked an Israeli attack,” according to Haaretz. Even if many Syrians are now suspicious of Hezbollah due to its support of the bloody Assad regime, “alliances depend on interests, and we want to realize our goals,” he added.

In the meantime, 13 Syrian opposition activists were reportedly killed last week while trying to rescue besieged journalists in the city of Homs. More than 7,500 Syrians have been killed since March 2011, according to the Washington Post.

—JointMedia News Service

Iran and Lebanon pledge to fight Israel together

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad met with Lebanese Defense Minister Fayez Ghosn last week to discuss the two nations’ common goal of confronting the west and Israel.

The Iranian president told Ghosn to “resist the plots” of “domination-seeking powers,” the Associated Press reported. Ghosn also said that, “Lebanon will never forget that Iran stood by them in great difficulties” and warned Israel to consider Iran’s reaction before taking any act of aggression against any country in the region.

Iran’s defense minister Gen. Ahmad Vahid also partook in the visit. He said, “Strengthening [the] Lebanese army is among [the] strategic policies of Iran.”

—JointMedia News Service

Dutch woman who saved more than 100 Jews in the Holocaust dies

Tina Strobos, a Dutch woman who hid and rescued more than 100 Jews during the Holocaust, passed away last week at her home in Rye, N.Y., at the age of 91. Strobos was honored as “righteous among the nations” by the Yad Vashem Holocaust memorial in Jerusalem in 1989.

Strobos was a psychiatry student who during the war also hid guns, explosives and radios for the Dutch resistance movement. At her home she provided food, medical care and shelter for Jewish refugees. She then provided them with fake passports that did not reveal their Jewish identities.

Ann Frank, the teenager whose diary became famous worldwide and who later died in a concentration camp, hid with her family just blocks from Strobos’ home. “If I knew they were there, I would have gotten them out of the country,” Strobos once told her son, according to the Washington Post.

—JointMedia News Service

Spain to extradite Mubarak associate over gas deal with Israel

Click photo to download. Caption: Spanish authorities approved the extradition of Egyptian businessman Hussein Salem to Egypt, where he faces charges of corruption related to the former president Hosni Mubarak. Credit: EPA/ZIPI.Spanish authorities have told Egypt they will extradite a close associate of ousted President Hosni Mubarak to face charges of squandering public funds in a case involving gas sales to Israel during Mubarak’s rule, Egypt’s Foreign Ministry said last week.

Businessman Hussein Salem was arrested in Spain in June 2011 on an international arrest warrant issued by Interpol.

Salem, born in 1928, is accused of making illegal profits from Egyptian gas sales to Israel through his major stake in East Mediterranean Gas, which carried out the exports. Mubarak and two of his sons also face charges in the case.

—Israel Hayom/Exclusive to JointMedia News Service





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