Captain of communication: IDF vet helps email users filter out all the junk



Knowmail CEO Haim Senior. Credit: Courtesy of Haim Senior.

By Matt Robinson/

As a former Israel Defense Forces elite special forces captain, Haim Senior knows the importance of clear and effective communication—filtering out the junk in order to reach the heart of the matter. 

In his current position as CEO and co-founder of Knowmail (, Senior stretches that expertise into an actual solution, helping individuals sort through the noise of their inbox to get to the messages that are truly relevant and important to them.

Knowmail, founded in 2014, is embarking on major technological partnerships, and Senior continues to call on his military and leadership skills to push forward so that email users can maximize their efficiency. The Israeli entrepreneur discusses his venture with in the following interview:

JNS: How do you define your venture?  

Haim Senior: “Our mission is to revolutionize the way we communicate using Personalized Artificial Intelligence. On the surface, it seems like an impossible mission, but I am optimistic. I believe that such a solution is absolutely needed, and I'm a little naïve that it can truly be done.”

JNS: What gave you the idea? 

Senior: “The endless amount of time we spend every day reading and writing emails, and the huge stress involved with trying to stay on top of my game and succeed at work.”

JNS: How does your Judaism impact and influence your venture?

Senior: “We are a case of David versus Goliath—a small company sufficiently funded trying to change a paradigm that has been controlled by giants for more than three decades. The Jewish mind of implementing innovative ideas with limited resources comes in handy, as it encourages thinking outside of the box and working intelligently.”

JNS: Who is your customer base or demographic?

Senior: “Mostly companies with 200-plus employees interested in making their organizations more responsive, efficient, and positive. Our current focus is the U.S., but we are open to additional markets.”

JNS: How do you hope to fit into the market?

Senior: “We want to be the ultimate platform for personalized communication, amplifying known solutions to help employees get more done in less time and with less stress.”

JNS: What do you need most to succeed? 

Senior: “More time! As our core competency is Personalized Artificial Intelligence, we require the time necessary to develop and hone a trustworthy machine that can be relied upon. Identifying each persona at work is a huge barrier of entry, yet it’s doable.”

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Posted on December 6, 2016 and filed under Features.