More rockets launched from Gaza, IAF kills al-Qaeda affiliated terrorists

Click photo to download. Caption: A Qassam rocket in Sderot. Credit: Wikimedia Commons.( Two rockets exploded in an open field in southern Israel on Sunday, following an airstrike by the Israeli Air Force (IAF) that hit a terrorist cell preparing to fire rockets, killing two terrorists and wounding two more.

The Israeli response on Sunday follows on the heels of an additional air strike on Saturday that killed two al-Qaeda affiliated terrorist leaders in the northern Gaza Strip.

Reuters reported that the two terrorists, identified as Hisham al-Saedni and Ashraf al-Sabah, were the most senior al-Qaeda affiliated Salafi groups in Gaza. The ultra-Islamist Salafi groups have been on the rise across the Middle East. They often clash with the relatively more moderate Islamist groups like the Muslim Brotherhood and Hamas, while also increasing attacks against Israel. Al-Saedni had been wanted by Egyptian authorities and fought with al-Qaeda in Iraq.

“The Global Jihad is stepping up its efforts to target us, and we will continue to interdict it with aggression and might, in terms of both response and pre-emption,” Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu told the Israeli cabinet in Jerusalem on Sunday.

Posted on October 15, 2012 .