Amid concern over treaty, Egypt ambassador tells Israel he has ‘message of peace’

Click photo to download. Caption: Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi (pictured) has publicly said he will honor his country's peace treaty with Israel, but some of his advisers have suggested otherwise. Credit: YouTube screenshot.( The ambassadors from Egypt and Jordan took up their diplomatic posts on Wednesday following a formal ceremony at Israeli President Shimon Peres’s residence in Jerusalem. 

Egypt’s ambassador arrives amid increased concern within Israel over the ascendency of the Muslim Brotherhood and its commitment to the 1979 peace treaty. Egypt’s Islamist President Mohamed Morsi has publicly promised to honor the treaty signed by former President Anwar Sadat (who was assassinated in 1981 by Islamic extremists), though some of his advisers have called for the treaty to be amended.

“I came with a message of peace and I came to confirm that we are working for mutual trust and transparency and we are committed to all the agreements we signed with Israel,” Atef Mohamed Salem Sayed Elahl said upon presenting his credentials to Israeli President Shimon Peres, Reuters reported.

Meanwhile, Jordan’s new envoy, Ambassador Walid Khalid Abdullah Obeidat, also presented his credentials to Peres. Obeidat fills a slot that has been vacant for over two years because of Jordanian protests over the collapse of Israeli-Palestinian negotiations. Israel and Jordan established full diplomatic relations following their 1994 peace treaty.

Posted on October 17, 2012 .