Doctor says imprisoned Jewish contractor Gross could have cancer

Click photo to download. Caption: Alan Gross with his wife Judy. Credit: Gross family.( A doctor who reviewed medical records for Alan Gross—a Jewish-American contractor imprisoned in Cuba for nearly three years for trying to bring that country’s Jewish community Internet access—said Gross has a tumor in his right shoulder that may be cancerous.

Gross’s tumor is a “potentially life-threatening medical problem that has not been adequately evaluated to modern medical standards,” a press release from Gross’s legal team quoted Dr. Alan A. Cohen as saying.

Cohen, a radiologist who reviewed CT and ultrasound scans released to the Cuban government, said a “soft tissue mass in an adult who has lost considerable weight must be assumed to represent a malignant tumor unless proven to be benign.” Gross has lost 105 pounds since he was jailed. He is serving a 15-year prison sentence.

Jared Genser, Gross’s lawyer, said in a statement that Cohen’s medical analysis “definitively rejects Cuban government claims that Alan Gross’s health is ‘normal.’”

“Cuban government doctors are either guilty of gross professional negligence or they are intentionally hiding what could be a lethal condition,” Genser said.

Posted on October 2, 2012 .