Office for Civil Rights to investigate UC Berkeley anti-Semitic incidents

Click photo to download. Caption: The UC Berkeley campus. Credit: Wikimedia Commons.( Federal investigators from the Office for Civil Rights (OCR) have agreed to look into complaints of unlawful discrimination against Jewish students at UC Berkeley.

Louis D. Brandeis Center legal advisors Neal M. Sher and Joel Siege alleged that the UC Berkeley had violated Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 “through a deliberate indifference to the development of a dangerous anti-Semitic climate on its campuses,” a press release from the Brandeis center said.

The alleged anti-Semitic incidents occurred on campus during an “Israel Apartheid Week” theatrical performance organized by student activists from the Muslim Student Association (MSA) and Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP).

“The OCR investigation sends a strong signal not only to Berkeley officials and trustees, but to all other college administrators as well, putting them on notice that ‘Apartheid Week’ demonstrations, including Passion Plays, mock check points, mock guns, mock walls, instances where Jews are depicted using racist anti-Semitic stereotypes and intimidation of Jewish students will be subject to OCR investigation,” Sher said. “Schools which violate Title VI run the risk of forfeiting federal funds.”

Posted on October 3, 2012 .