Israel reportedly flies over Lebanon in possible response to airspace violation

(Israel Hayom/Exclusive to Several Israeli warplanes violated Lebanon’s airspace Oct. 7, according to Lebanese media outlets, flying over the country’s southern region and setting off sonic booms in a possible response to an Oct. 6 violation of Israeli airspace by an unmanned drone which Israel has speculated was launched by Hezbollah.

Residents in the eastern area of south Lebanon told Lebanon-based The Daily Star that Israel Air Force jets flew over their areas at a low altitude, while Lebanese security sources said the warplanes covered the entire region.

The jets, which were reportedly accompanied by several helicopters, also reached the airspace over the coastal city of Sidon, the sources said.

On Oct. 6, an Israel Air Force F-16i fighter jet shot down a foreign unmanned aerial vehicle over the Hebron Hills on after it had hovered over Israeli territory for half an hour, raising questions about who sent it and for what purpose.

An Israel Defense Forces spokesperson refused to comment on the origin or mission of the drone, though foreign media outlets speculated that it was shot down due to its proximity to Israel’s nuclear reactor in Dimona.

The UAV was identified and monitored by the army before it had crossed into Israeli territory from the Mediterranean Sea and Gaza Strip, according to the IDF spokesperson. It is believed that the drone was not launched from Gaza.

Posted on October 7, 2012 .