Prosor at UN: ‘Israel remains committed to peace’

Click photo to download. Caption: Israeli Ambassador to the UN Ron Prosor. Credit: Wikimedia Commons.(Israel Hayom/Exclusive to Following the Thursday vote giving the Palestinians upgraded status at the United Nations, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu spoke with Israeli Ambassador to the UN Ron Prosor, applauding the latter’s rebuttal speech at the General Assembly.

“You represented Israel’s truth. Your speech was a speech of facts, contrary to [Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud] Abbas’s poisonous address,” Netanyahu said.

Prosor said “Israel remains committed to peace,” and that he represented “a state built in the Jewish people’s ancient homeland, with its eternal capital Jerusalem as its beating heart.”

“As for the rights of Jewish people in this land, I have a simple message for those people gathered in the General Assembly today: No decision by the U.N. can break the 4,000-year-old bond between the people of Israel and the land of Israel,” Prosor said. “The people of Israel wait for a Palestinian leader who is willing to follow in the path of President Sadat. The world waits for President Abbas to speak the truth that peace can only be achieved through negotiations by recognizing Israel as a Jewish state. It waits for him to tell them that peace must also address Israel’s security needs and end the conflict once and for all. For as long as President Abbas prefers symbolism over reality, as long as he prefers to travel to New York for UN resolutions, rather than travel to Jerusalem for genuine dialogue, any hope of peace will be out of reach.”

Prosor criticized Abbas for “ignoring history.”

“The truth is that 65 years ago today, the United Nations voted to partition the British Mandate into two states: a Jewish state, and an Arab state,” he said.

“Two states for two peoples. Israel accepted this plan. The Palestinians and Arab nations around us rejected it and launched a war of annihilation to throw the ‘Jews into the sea.’”

Posted on November 30, 2012 .