Iron Dome successfully intercepts long-range rockets in test

Click photo to download. Caption: The Iron Dome battery near Ashkelon. Credit: IDF. ( The Israeli Defense Ministry successfully completed tests meant to upgrade the capability of the Iron Dome anti-rocket system last week. During the tests, an Iron Dome battery launched missiles against long-range rockets and successfully intercepted them.

The ministry is set to transfer an additional Iron Dome battery to the air force by next summer, bringing the total number of operational batteries in the country to five, Israel Hayom reported.

A spokesman for the ministry said a series of pre-planned tests were conducted recently to upgrade the system and enable it to operate against an unprecedented variety of threats. “The successful tests will upgrade the Iron Dome's operational capabilities,” the spokesman said.

The fifth battery slated for transfer to the air force will be equipped with the advanced capabilities. Israeli Defense Minister Ehud Barak said on Sunday “This is a great accomplishment for all those involved in the project. The successful tests mark significant progress in the country’s multilayered defense system.”

Posted on November 5, 2012 .