NJDC polling data: Obama made late surge among Florida Jewish voters

(JNS.org) The National Jewish Democratic Council (NJDC) revealed polling data Nov. 7 that showed Obama gaining as many as 117,000 Jewish votes in Florida between late September and Election Day.

NJDC’s results said Obama’s Jewish support in Florida stood at 61 percent in late September and increased to 66-68 percent (68 percent according to GBA Strategies, and 66 percent according to CNN).

“Knowing what we know of the state of the Jewish vote in late September, we are tremendously proud of what NJDC and our friends were able to do to put facts into the hands of so many Jewish Florida voters to make sure they were not taken in by this multi-million dollar [Republican] effort of lies and smears against our President,” Harris said in a statement Nov. 7, referring to an RJC advertising campaign that featured video interviews with Jewish Democrats who expressed regret over voting for Obama in 2008, as well as billboards reading “Obama… Oy Vey!!”

Posted on November 7, 2012 .