Prosor UN letter condemns Syria’s Israel aggression as Russia warns of missiles

Click photo to download. Caption: Israeli Ambassador to the UN Ron Prosor. Credit: Wikimedia Commons.( Israel’s United Nations representative Ron Prosor has written a letter to Hardeep Singh Puri, President of the UN Security Council, condemning the crossing of Syrian tanks into the Golan Heights demilitarized zone.

On Monday, Syrian gunfire from its side of the border struck Israeli patrols. The Prosor letter was sent the same week as Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov announced that Syrian rebels have obtained 50 Stinger shoulder-launched missiles. 

“The actions of the Syrian forces are a grave violation of the 1974 Separation of Forces agreement between Israel and Syria. This represents a dangerous escalation that could have far-reaching implications for the security and stability of our region,” Prosor wrote. According to the letter, on July 28 Syrian forces also crossed into the area of separation, and on Sept. 25 Syrian forces fired mortars that exploded in the area of separation. 

“In the face of these continued violations, Israel has shown maximum restraint. However, Israel views the continued violations of the Separation of Forces agreement by the Syrian military forces with the utmost concern. The international community and the Security Council should address this alarming development without delay to prevent further escalation,” Prosor wrote.

In the meantime Lavrov told reporters in Amman, Jordan on Tuesday, according to AFP, that “those who are supplying arms to the opposition are delivering systems that are not intended for defense. There is confirmed information that on Syrian territory there are over 50 Stingers... You know perfectly well what Stingers are intended for, all the more so that the leaders of the (rebel) Syrian Free Army have repeatedly said that civilian planes will be a legitimate target.”

Posted on November 7, 2012 .