Iranians fire on American drone

( Iranians fired on an American drone flying over international waters in the Persian Gulf three times in a bold and unprecedented move, according to the Pentagon.

U.S. defense officials said they believe the shots fired were not warning shots, but that they were attempting, unsuccessfully, to shoot the drone down. The U.S. later warned the Iranians through diplomatic channels that the drone flights will continue.

“The United States has communicated to the Iranians that we will continue to conduct surveillance flights over international waters over the Arabian Gulf consistent with longstanding practice and our commitment to the security of the region,” said Pentagon spokesman George Little, Reuters reported.

News of the attack by Iranians comes following reports that the U.S. and Iran may engage in direct talks following the U.S. elections. Both governments denied those reports.

Last year, a CIA drone reportedly crashed in Iran, sparking a huge international incident between the countries. 

Posted on November 8, 2012 .