Iran, likely referring to Israel, would allow inspection of secret military base if ‘threats’ end

( A top Iranian leader has said that Iran would open its secretive military site at Parchin to inspectors if threats against Iran end.

The International Atomic Energy Agency believes that Iran has conducted secret explosives tests with possible nuclear applications at the Parchin site. Recent satellite evidence has also revealed a flurry of activity at the site, suggesting that Iran may be attempting to clean evidence. 

In early December, IAEA officials visited Tehran to discuss access to the site.

“If the trans-regional threats (against Iran) dissipate, then they will find it possible to visit Parchin,” Deputy Foreign Minister Hassan Qashqavi was quoted as saying by the Iranian Labour News Agency, according to Reuters.

Iran’s foreign minister was most likely alluding to Israel's discussions of a possible military strike on its nuclear facilities.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has vowed to make the Iranian nuclear threat his top priority if re-elected next month. 

Posted on December 27, 2012 .