Christian group encouraged by Rand Paul’s plans to visit Israel

Click photo to download. Caption: U.S. Sen. Rand Paul. Credit: U.S. Senate.

( America’s largest pro-Israel Christian group is optimistic about U.S. Sen. Rand Paul’s (R-KY) recent announcement of plans to visit Israel in January.

Paul has been criticized over delaying a vote in the senate on Iran sanctions and for statements he made against foreign aid that made him seem anti-Israel. 

“We’ve talked about [such a trip to Israel] for a long time,” Paul told the Washington Post, adding that he looks forward to “seeing our Judeo-Christian roots.”  

According to David Brog, executive director of largest Christian pro-Zionist group in the U.S., Christians United for Israel (CUFI), “Paul has thus far seemed oblivious to the reality that Israel’s military is fighting our battles for us and keeping us from having to send our own soldiers to do the job.”

However, CUFI is still encouraged that Paul is traveling to Israel.

“We know that the facts are on Israel’s side,” Brog said. “And we know from long experience that there’s nothing like a visit to Israel to learn facts and change minds... If Senator Paul returns from his visit and demonstrates that he has become a true friend to Israel—in both word and in deed—then Christians United for Israel will be among the first to congratulate him and welcome him ‘home.’”

Posted on December 6, 2012 .