Iran enhances missiles, experts say regime doesn’t take U.S. seriously

( A recently released report by the Pentagon says Iran has improved its ballistic missile capabilities as well as its weapons that target ships at sea, Bloomberg News reported.

“U.S. government reports have previously always downplayed the accuracy and effectiveness of Iran’s missile forces,” said Congressional Research Service Iran analyst Kenneth Katzman, according to Bloomberg. “The [latest Pentagon] report seemed pretty sober and respectful of Iran’s capabilities, crediting Iran with improving survivability.”

During the most recent nuclear talks with the West, Iran said uranium enrichment “is an inalienable and chartered right.”

Iran is “not afraid” of the U.S. “because they do not take seriously the likelihood of an American attack,” former national security adviser Elliot Abrams told the Washington Free Beacon.

Washington Institute for Near East Policy fellow Michael Eisenstadt, who formerly served in the Pentagon, said Iran has “been saying for a long time they don’t take seriously these threats.”

Posted on July 11, 2012 .