More entrepreneurs looking to adapt Israeli media for overseas audiences

Click photo to download. Caption: Ronald Lauder. Credit: Wikimedia Commons.( U.S. billionaire Ronald Lauder and French millionaire Patrick Drahi are now attempting to adapt Israeli news for an international audience—following in the footsteps of both casino mogul Sheldon Adelson, who is publishing an English edition of his Israeli daily newspaper Israel Hayom, and hedge fund manager Seth Klarman, who this February launched the English Times of Israel news website.

Lauder, a co-owner of Israel’s Channel 10, is buying the Hebrew news website Nana 10 and intends to transform it into an English-language site that will appeal to readers outside of Israel. Drahi, a shareholder of Israel’s HOT cable television company, announced plans to launch an international TV station covering the Middle East from an Israeli perspective.

“Drahi believes that a balanced and level-headed depiction of life in Israel will help strengthen the country's image,” his office said in a statement to Haaretz.

Posted on July 17, 2012 .