Former U.S. Ambassador to Israel says U.S. was convinced of Israeli strike on Iran

Click photo to download. Caption: Martin Indyk. Credit: Matty Stern.( In an interview with Israeli Army Radio, former Clinton Ambassador to Israel Martin Indyk said that Washington was convinced Israel would attack Iran last spring.

“The administration was convinced that Israel was going to attack in the spring. That was the official assessment, everyone ran to battle stations, mobilized, engaged with the Israelis, did whatever they could to calm them down and make it clear that the President [Barack Obama] was absolutely committed to Israel’s security and to ensuring that Iran would not get nuclear weapons,” said Indyk.

When Israel did not attack, Indyk says that the Obama administration felt it had been a victim of a “complete bluff.”

Indyk also believes that Obama should travel to Israel to help calm Israeli fears on Iran, but he does not think Obama will travel there before the November election.

Posted on August 23, 2012 .