French anti-Semitism up 40% since March, Jews considering relocation

( French Jews have seen an uptick of 40 percent in anti-Semitic attacks since March, when Islamist terrorist Mohammed Merah killed three children and a rabbi at a Jewish school in Toulouse, Reuters reported.

According to Simon Wiesenthal Center Dean Abraham Cooper, French Interior Minister Manuel Valls confirmed in a meeting that “there was an increase of 40 percent in anti-Semitic and anti-Jewish crimes in France” after the shooting by Merah, who was inspired by al-Qaida.

Cooper, who told Reuters that the increase in anti-Semitism is “shocking” because “the French authorities on both sides of the political aisle did exactly the right thing immediately after [the] Toulouse [attack],” said he asked Valls to implement further measures ensuring the security of French Jewry.

Additionally, Cooper said the increase in anti-Semitism is encouraging rising numbers of French Jews to leave the country. He said he has “met with Jewish people who said either they are sending their kids overseas, to Israel or the States, or Canada to go study.”

Posted on August 29, 2012 .