Two Stone Age figurines uncovered near Jerusalem

Click photo to download. Caption: A Stone Age figurine uncovered near Jerusalem. Credit: Israel Antiquities Authority.( An archaeological dig in Tel Motza near Jerusalem has uncovered two figurines dating from the Stone Age, Israel Hayom reported.

The figurines, a ram and a wild bovine, are around 9,500 years old and may have been used as good-luck charms for hunting. The find was made during excavations being carried out by the Israel Antiquities Authority ahead of the widening of Highway 1, the main road linking Jerusalem and Tel Aviv.

According to Dr. Hamoudi Khalaily, one of the directors of the dig, the figurines are from a time in which the transition from nomadism to sedentary life was beginning.

“The archaeological evidence from [the Pre-Pottery Neolithic B time period], particularly the artistic objects such as the figurines that were discovered at Tel Motza, teaches us about the religious life, the worship and the beliefs of Neolithic society,” Dr. Khalaily said.

Posted on August 31, 2012 .