Israeli company will provide communication systems for new World Trade Center

Click photo to download. Caption: The former World Trade Center. Credit: Wikimedia Commons.( An Israeli technology company, Techmer, has won a $11 million bid to deploy smart communication systems at One World Trade Center, the 104-story skyscraper currently under construction in lower Manhattan, Ynet reported.

The need for an advanced communication system at the new WTC arose during the 9/11 attacks when first responders had difficulty communicating.

Techmer CEO Itsik Ben Tolila explains, “In the 9/11 attacks, security cameras captured footage of many firefighters running up, while many policemen were running down. The reason is that a police helicopter warned the police forces that the building was about to collapse and they managed to escape. The firefighters did not receive such a warning, and therefore many firefighter and just a few cops were killed.”

The unique infrastructure provided by Techmer will allow rescue forces—including firefighters, police and other units—to communicate with each other even in extreme states of emergency such as fires and terror attacks. First responders in the Carmel Tunnels near Haifa currently use Techmer’s technology.

Posted on September 12, 2012 .