Mother Nature’s wrath floods Gaza smuggling tunnels

( After days of intense rainfall and heavy snow, the latest storm has taken its toll on a region unaccustomed to such fierce weather. But the storm’s effects could be even worse for the terror group Hamas, and Israel may reap the benefits.

According to Egyptian officials, many of Gaza’s notorious smuggling have tunnels been flooded or collapsed, forcing its illicit activity to halt, Ma’an News Agency reported. 

Hamas relies heavily on the tunnels underneath the Gaza-Egyptian border to circumvent Israel’s blockade of the Gaza Strip. It uses the tunnels to smuggle rockets and other weapons from Iran to target Israel. Additionally, other goods and materials are smuggled in and taxed by Hamas, which relies on such taxes as one of its primary sources of revenue.

As a result, the tunnels have been repeatedly targeted by the Israeli Air Force for several years, including during the recent Operation Pillar of Defense. But Israel may not have to worry for some time after Mother Nature’s wrath.

Posted on January 10, 2013 .