Yemen reportedly detains Israeli man accused of spying

Click photo to download. Caption: The flag of Yemen. Credit: Wikimedia Commons.(Israel Hayom/Exclusive to Arab media outlets reported on Wednesday that Yemeni security forces recently arrested a man with both Israeli and Yemeni citizenship on suspicion of spying for the Mossad.

According to reports from Yemen, the man, known as Ali Abdullah Muhsin Al-Haimi Al-Sayaghi or Ibrahim Al-Dir’i, was arrested two weeks ago in the southern region of the Arabian Peninsula country. After his arrest, the alleged spy was reportedly transferred for questioning to a Yemeni intelligence facility in Aden.

Meanwhile, it was reported in Egypt on Wednesday that an Israeli man who was detained in the Sinai Peninsula last week was still being held at an interrogation facility in Sinai and had not been moved to Cairo.

According to the Egyptian reports, Andre Yaacoub, a 24-year-old former sergeant in the Israel Defense Forces, illegally crossed the border from Israel into Egypt in a mountainous area near Taba.

An Egyptian legal official was quoted as saying that Yaacoub had been questioned about his military past and his photographing of security sites in Sinai. According to the official, Yaacoub did not provide satisfactory answers to these questions. The official clarified that Yaacoub is currently suspected only of infiltration, not espionage.

Yaacoub, also known as Andre Pshenichnikov, made headlines earlier this year when he announced he wanted to renounce his Israeli citizenship and move to a Palestinian refugee camp.

Posted on January 3, 2013 .