New Israeli astronaut could venture to space

Click photo to download. Caption: Ilan Ramon, astronaut killed during the failed re-entry of the Space Shuttle Columbia. Credit: NASA via Wikimedia Commons.

(Israel Hayom/Exclusive to Israel’s Ministry of Science and Technology announced that it intends to renew its initiative to send another Israeli astronaut to space.

The first and only Israeli astronaut was Ilan Ramon, who died in 2003, along with the rest of the space shuttle Columbia crew. The shuttle exploded over east Texas during re-entry into Earth’s atmosphere, 16 minutes prior to its scheduled landing.

Representatives of the Israel Space Agency have begun initial talks with international space officials with the goal of exploring the ramifications of such an eventuality. If ISA can locate the necessary resources, it hopes to place an Israeli astronaut at the International Space Station in the next few years.

More than 14 senior space officials from around the world attended the 8th Ilan Ramon International Space Conference in Herzliya, organized by ISA, the Ministry of Science and Technology and the Fisher Institute for Air & Space Strategic Studies.

Director-general of the Science Ministry, Menachem Greenblum, and Dr. Paul Weisenberg, deputy director-general for Entrepreneurship and Industry in the EU, signed a framework agreement that will open doors for further cooperation with Israel on various European space projects.


Posted on January 31, 2013 .