Israel-Egypt border fence, already stemming infiltration, nearly complete

Click photo to download. Caption: Part of the Israel-Egypt border fence. Credit: Wikimedia Commons.

( After two years of construction and a $400 million investment, most of the work is done on a 150-mile-long security fence along Israel’s border with Egypt that is designed to stem the entrance of illegal infiltrators and smuggled drugs and weapons into the Jewish state, the Israeli Defense Ministry said.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, touring the fence on Jan. 2, said the engineering project has already “stemmed the flow of infiltrators into Israeli cities,” and Israel has repatriated “tens of thousands of infiltrators living in Israel to their countries of origin.”

“In the past seven months, not one infiltrator has entered any Israeli city,” Netanyahu said.

The fence stretches from the Gaza Strip to Eilat. Israel has completed 143 miles of the fence, with the final seven miles near Eilat to be finished within the next three months. Overall, the project has taken half the amount of time that was originally anticipated.

A total of 2,153 illegal infiltrators crossed the Egyptian border into Israel in January 2012, according to Israel Hayom. By comparison, December 2012 saw only 36 illegal entries, all of whom were taken into custody.

“We must finish this work on other state borders where there is still the danger that infiltrators can trickle through,” Netanyahu said.

Posted on January 4, 2013 .