Bible Lands Museum exhibit features rare Judeo-Christian biblical manuscripts and artifacts

( A new exhibit at Jerusalem’s Bible Lands Museum features rare Judeo-Christian biblical manuscripts and artifacts that seek to highlight the role the Bible has played in Western history.

The Bible Lands Museum. Credit: Adiel Lo via Wikimedia Commons.

The exhibit entitled “Book of Books” features more than 200 Judeo-Christian texts that range from fragments from an ancient Greek translation of the Bible known as the Septuagint, to early Christian Testament scriptures, illuminated manuscripts, and rare fragments from the Cairo Geniza and Gutenberg Bible, the Times of Israel reported.

Most of the manuscripts and artifacts are on loan from the Green Collection, the largest private collection of such materials. The collection’s benefactor, Steve Green, is an evangelical Christian who is the president of Hobby Lobby, an American chain of hobby stores. Green hopes the exhibit will encourage Christian tourism to Israel and bring Jews and Christians together.

“We hope this exhibit will bring us together and unite us under a book we all love, the scriptures,” Green told the Times of Israel.

Posted on October 24, 2013 .