LivingSocial apologizes for anti-Semitic decorations in party room

( The popular online discount site LivingSocial has issued an apology after one of its sponsored events in Washington, D.C., the “7 Deadly Sins Halloween Party,” featured dreidels and gold coins in its “greed” room.

The partygoer, who did not wish to be identified, told the Washington Jewish Week that they were “very offended” by the decorations and felt it was “completely inappropriate.”

The event, billed to “treat yo' self to a night of tricks -- and sins” was held on Oct. 26 inside of LivingSocial’s 918F Street space, which was “transformed to represent each of the deadly sins,” according to LivingSocial’s website.

Kevin Nolan of LivingSocial’s publicity department issued an apology statement. “We have looked into it and determined that the inclusion of dreidels with the other games in the gaming room was not a smart choice, and we are very sorry to have upset anyone. Certainly this behavior does not reflect who we are as a company."

According to Nolan, the offended partygoer was offered a full refund.


Posted on October 29, 2013 .