Iran appointment to U.N. disarmament committee slammed by Israel

( Israel’s ambassador to the United Nations, Ron Prosor, compared the recent appointment of Iran to the U.N. First Committee on Disarmament and International Security to “appointing a drug lord CEO of a pharmaceutical company.”

The Arak heavy water reactor of the Iran nuclear program. Credit: Nanking2012/Wikimedia Commons.

“Iran’s appointment erodes the U.N.’s legitimacy and its ability to promote arms control and disarmament, as well as preserve global peace and security,” Prosor wrote in a letter to U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, The Associated Press reported. “Rather than provide a global stage for Iran’s defiance and deception, the U.N. should shine a spotlight on the regime’s ongoing pursuit of nuclear weapons and its support for terrorism across the globe.”

Posted on October 9, 2013 .