Israel: Detained Al-Qaeda terrorist a security risk if released

( The Israeli government told its high court that an Al-Qaeda terrorist it has been holding in custody for three years must remain imprisoned because releasing and deporting would pose a security risk. Samer Halmi Abdel Latif Al-Barq, 39, had petitioned the court for his release, stating that after a prolonged detainment he is no longer a threat to the public.

The Israeli government says the Al-Qaeda terrorist it is holding in prison will pose a danger if released. Credit: Wikimedia Commons.

Al-Barq’s family left Israel after the Jewish state was established. Later, while living in Pakistan, he helped develop biological weapons and became close to Al-Qaeda leaders, including Osama Bin-Laden, according to reports. He was also involved in planning a terrorist attack on Jewish tourists in Jordan, according to Israel National News.

Al-Barq was detained by Israeli authorities while trying to enter Israel in 2010. The Israeli government has not filed formal charges against him. 

Posted on November 19, 2013 .