Jewish Agency, Israeli government convene strategic summit on Israel-Diaspora ties

( More than 120 Jewish leaders gathered in Jerusalem on Wednesday and Thursday for a first-of-its-kind strategic dialogue summit—led by the Israeli government and The Jewish Agency for Israel—focused on formulating ways to bolster both Israel-Diaspora ties and the Jewish identity of young people.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Chairman of the Executive of The Jewish Agency for Israel Natan Sharansky attend the closing plenary of the strategic planning summit of the Government of Israel-Jewish world joint initiative. Credit: Sasson Tiram.

“We are charged with the task of securing the Jewish future, which to me means securing the Jewish state for the Jewish people, all the Jewish people,” Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said at the summit. “We are a link in a chain of generations of Jews. We are going for a partnership to strengthen Jewish identity by bringing young Jews to Israel. Kol yisra'el arevim zeh la-zeh—all Jews are responsible for one another. We have to secure a common future for the Jewish people.”

Jewish Agency Chairman of the Executive Natan Sharansky called the summit a “historic moment for our organization—a moment of pride and hope.”

Israel invests $127 million annually in programs meant to strengthen Diaspora Jewry’s ties with Israel, primarily Taglit-Birthright Israel and the Jewish Agency’s Masa Israel Journey.

Posted on November 7, 2013 .