Israel receiving $173 million for missile defense under U.S. budget deal

( Israel is set to receive hundreds of millions of dollars in additional military aid for missile defense as part of the new bipartisan budget deal that was agreed on by U.S. lawmakers on Dec. 10.

The Iron Dome battery in Ashkelon. Credit: Israel Defense Forces.

In addition to the annual $3.1 billion in military aid Israel receives a year, Israel will receive $173 million in military aid for U.S.-Israel cooperative missile defense programs. This includes $34 million in upgrades for the Arrow long-range anti-missile system and $22 million for another upper-tier interceptor, Reuters reported.

The deal commits $117.2 million for further development of the David’s Sling mid-range ballistic missile defense system, which is being jointly developed by Israel’s Rafael Defense Systems and the American-based defense company Raytheon.

Additionally, the deal— expected to pass Congress before the end of the year—supports President Barack Obama’s request for $220 million for Israel to buy more Iron Dome short-range batteries and $15 million for Iron Dome parts. 

Posted on December 11, 2013 .