Peace Now shuns former MK Einat Wilf over ties to NGO Monitor

( The left-wing NGO Peace Now rescinded an invitation of former Labor MK Einat Wilf to its upcoming conference due to her ties with the watchdog group NGO Monitor.

Former Labor MK Einat Wilf. CreditL Wikimedia Commons.

Wilf, who is part of the International Advisory Council of NGO Monitor, was approached several weeks ago by Peace Now—whose stated mission is to “promote peace and democracy” by “removing existing obstacles to a two-state solution”—to speak at its upcoming “Conference of the Israeli Left.” 

“Several weeks ago I was approached by Peace Now to speak at their annual conference on a panel discussing whether international pressure on Israel is necessary to promote peace,” Wilf said on her Facebook page. “I was specifically told that my point of view (which opposes such pressure and certainly the domestic efforts to invite it) would be very appreciated in this discussion.” 

But Wilf was later contacted by Peace Now’s director, Yariv Oppenheimer, who apparently rescinded her invitation due to objections by other members of the organization, despite his personal support for her appearance.

“Apparently, NGO Monitor’s independent research and critical analysis violates the ideological litmus test, at least for the leaders of Peace Now, which identifies itself with the ‘liberal, progressive Left,’” NGO Monitor President Gerald Steinberg told 

“For these zealots, it appears that any form of criticism and debate about their ideological agenda is unacceptable and justifies drastic measures,” Steinberg added.  

Posted on December 11, 2013 .