Report: Iran may receive $20 billion in sanctions relief, tripling stated figures

The Iran nuclear program's Arak heavy water reactor. Credit: Nanking2012/Wikimedia Commons.

( Senior Obama Administration officials are admitting that the interim nuclear deal between Iran and world powers may give the Islamic Republic sanctions relief that is three times as large as figures announced in official statements, Haaretz reported Wednesday. 

While the U.S. has said Iran will receive about $7 billion in sanctions relief, Haaretz cited security sources in Israel who said the relief could actually amount to $20 billion. 

“Economics is a matter of expectations. The Iranian stock exchange is already rising significantly and many countries are standing in line to renew economic ties with Iran based on what was already agreed in Geneva,” said the sources, noting China’s desire to renew $9 billion in contracts for the development of Iranian oil industry.  

“In any case, [the sanctions relief is] about 20 or 25 billion dollars. Even the Americans understand this,” the sources said.

Posted on December 11, 2013 .