Peres urges EU to blacklist Hezbollah, warns that time is running out on Iran

( In a historic address to the European Union Parliament, Israeli President Shimon Peres urged the EU to confront wide array of Middle East issues, including blacklisting Hezbollah, challenging Iran and preventing more bloodshed in Syria.

Peres noted that Hezbollah has not only been a dividing force in Lebanon but also threatening regional and global stability.

Shimon Peres. Credit: World Economic Forum.

“Recently, 20 terror attempts by Hezbollah were counted all over the world, in India, Thailand, Georgia, South Africa, the US, Egypt and Greece, among others,” Peres told hundreds of European lawmakers, the Jerusalem Post reported.

Peres became the first Israeli head of state to address the EU in nearly three decades. He was born in 1923 in Wiszeniew, Poland, which is now part of Belarus.  

Additionally, Peres pointed out that Hezbollah has been increasing its operations in EU territory. Bulgarian authorities recently linked Hezbollah to the terror attack that killed five Israeli tourists and one Bulgarian last summer, while authorities in Cyprus arrested a suspect linked to Hezbollah for planning attacks there.

The EU has been under increasing pressure from the U.S. and Israel to blacklist the Lebanese terror group.

“We appeal to you—call terror, terror,” Peres said. “Save Lebanon from terrorist madness. Save the Syrian people from Iran's proxies. Save your citizens and ours from Hezbollah.”

Peres also warned the EU over the Iran, saying, “The greatest danger to peace in the world is the present Iranian regime,” according to the Jerusalem Post. He said that the world must also limit Iran’s means delivery of a nuclear weapon by controlling their production of missiles capable of carrying nuclear warheads.

Peres commended the EU and the U.S. for their strict sanctions against Iran. He also encouraged the West to make the Iran issue a human rights issue and to “encourage the Iranian people in their fight for freedom” and “their struggle against misery.”

On the topic of Syria, Peres expressed concern over Syria’s vast arsenal of chemical weapons of falling into the wrong hands. Peres also spoke out against Western intervention in Syria and called on the Arab League and the UN to end the bloodshed there.

“The Arab League can and should form a provisional government in Syria to stop the massacre, to prevent Syria from falling to pieces. The United Nations should support the Arab League to build an Arab force in blue helmets,” Peres said, AFP reported.

Posted on March 12, 2013 .