Shin Bet: Hamas looking to step up terror attacks

( Hamas is looking to increase suicide bomb efforts, rocket attacks and the kidnapping of Israeli soldiers, particularly in the West Bank, according to a report by Israel’s domestic security agency, the Shin Bet.

A Gaza rocket that landed in Israel during last year's Israel-Hamas conflict. Credit: Ronit Minaker.

“On the surface, the four-month truce between Israel and Hamas appears to be holding well since the cessation of last year’s eight-day conflict, but behind the scenes, senior Hamas officials in Gaza are increasing their efforts to carry out deadly attacks on Israelis,” the Shin Bet report said, the Jerusalem Post reported.

The report named Hamas interior minister, Fathi Hammad, an outspoken proponent of violence against Israel, as one of the main Hamas figures behind the terror efforts.

Meanwhile, Hamas supporters have called for possible violence and protests ahead of President Barack Obama’s upcoming visit to Jerusalem.

“Palestinians everywhere should begin their activities with direct confrontation with the Zionists in preparation for Obama’s visit, even if this entails martyrs and injured [Palestinians] until the ominous day of the visit,” wrote Palestinian columnist Mustafa Sawwaf on the Hamas news website Al-Resalah, the Times of Israel reported.

“That should be the day of battle, the great day of mobilization worthy of the American president,” Sawwaf wrote.

Posted on March 13, 2013 .