Playboy launches Hebrew language edition

( Playboy Magazine has announced it will begin publishing a Hebrew language edition.

Click photo to download. Caption: Playboy Magazine logo. Credit: Wikimedia CommonsWhile Playboy has been available for years in Israel, the new Hebrew edition will feature Israeli writers with articles and interviews geared towards an Israeli audience. For those not interested in reading the articles, it will also feature many of Israel’s world famous super models.

"I believe that the special formula that has brought Playboy to a rare level of success throughout the world will continue to succeed in my new home Israel,” said Daniel Pomerantz, owner and publisher of Playboy Magazine, the Associated Press reported.

Israeli model Nataly Dadon will appear on the cover of the first Hebrew edition. It will also feature an interview with former Shin Bet Security Chief Avi Dichter.

"Israel is a very complicated country with tradition and modernity and also with serious things and fun fashionable things and that is exactly the character of Playboy. It is a complicated and beautiful magazine for a complicated and beautiful country," Pomerantz said. 

Posted on March 5, 2013 .