Jordanian Parliament calls for release of 1997 murderer of seven Israeli schoolgirls

( A total of 110 members of Jordan’s Parliament have signed a petition calling for the release of Ahmad Musa Mustafa Daqamseh, a Jordanian soldier who murdered seven Israeli schoolgirls on an “Isle of Peace” field trip to the Israeli border town of Naharayim in 1997.

The flag of Jordan.

“Along with the other six families, we intend to fight this,” Shlomo Bedayev, father of Shiri, one of the victims, told Ynet.

“I expected him to rot in jail, but I can’t count on the Jordanian court and authorities to promote justice. We turned to governmental sources in the past, but it didn’t really help,” said another parent, Nurit Fatihi, who lost her daughter Sivan, according to Ynet.

The families and administrators of the AMIT Shachar School in Beit Shemesh, where the seven girls attended, plan to hold a protest outside the Jordanian Embassy.

The attack came a few years after peace was signed between Israel and Jordan in 1994. Jordan’s late King Hussein, who was previously scheduled to visit Israel, made an unprecedented move to visit each of the family’s homes following the attack. Daqamseh was sentenced to life in prison for the murders by a Jordanian military tribunal.

But Daqamseh’s popularity has grown in Jordan in recent years. Hussein Mjali, a former Jordanian minister, previously referred to Daqamseh as a “hero” and added, “If a Jew killed Arabs they would have built a monument in his honor.”

Despite the petition, the release of Daqamseh is highly unlikely, according to a Jordanian source cited by Ynet. The source said, “The king is at the head of the pardoning process” and would never consider a pardon for that particular case. The source also noted that Jordan’s Ambassador to Israel attended a memorial service for the schoolgirls last year.

Posted on April 14, 2013 .