Church of Scotland agrees to amend controversial report on Israel

( The Church of Scotland has agreed to amend a recent controversial report on Israel, The Guardian reported. After provoking an unexpected storm of protest, the report was removed from the Church of Scotland’s website.

The logo of the Church of Scotland. Credit: Wikimedia Commons.

Senior church leaders have agreed to amend the official report entitled “The inheritance of Abraham,” after outrage over the report’s questioning of Israel’s legitimacy and the biblical Jewish connection to the land of Israel.

The original report also drew fire over its recommendations of sanctions against Israel. The original report urged the U.K. government to use “pressure to stop further expansion of Israeli settlements in the Occupied West Bank.”

But after a discussion between the Church of Scotland and the representatives of the Jewish community in the U.K., there was an agreement that the original report “has given cause for concern and misunderstanding of its position,” and that it “requires a new introduction,” according to the Church of Scotland’s website.

In particular, the Church of Scotland clarified its positions regarding Israel, stating, “There is no change in the Church of Scotland’s long held position of the right of Israel to exist.” Shillman Analyst Ben Cohen, however, wrote that more action was needed from the Church of Scotland to end what he called the church's "war on Judaism."

"Much more than a perfunctory apology for causing offense is needed," Cohen wrote. "If the church wants to declare that its war on Judaism is over, it must ditch the report in its entirety and cut ties with Sabeel, a Palestinian Christian institute whose mission is to attack both Zionism and Judaism, and whose poisonous ideology was cited by the church’s report."

Posted on May 10, 2013 .