German neo-Nazis exposed in new book on Jewish chancellor candidate

( British journalist David Crossland has published a new book in Germany, The British Candidate, in which a fictional London newspaper reporter discovers a neo-Nazi plot to kill the German-Jewish political candidate for chancellor, Rudolf Gutman. At the same time, in real-life Germany, estimates show that nearly 200 people have been killed by far-right violence since 1990.

Click photo to download. Caption: Neo-nazi with a patch in German that reads "Skinheads - White and proud." More than 200 people have been killed by far-right extremists in Germany since 1990. Credit: Marek Peters via Wikimedia Commons.

In 2011, German police discovered that members of the National Socialist Underground (NSU) had murdered eight Turks, one Greek and a German police officer between 2000 and 2007, Reuters reported. They also carried out two bombings in the immigrant neighborhoods of Cologne. The only member of the group still alive, Beate Zschaepe, went on trial in Munich on May 6.

“I was reporting about neo-Nazi violence and was surprised at how lightly the authorities and the general public were taking it despite warnings that parts of the east were 'no-go' areas for anyone who doesn't look German,” Crossland, who lives in Germany, said.

Posted on May 24, 2013 and filed under Books.