NGO Monitor says B’Tselem report on Gaza operation distorts international law

( The watchdog group NGO Monitor has found that the latest report from the activist group B’Tselem on Israel’s November 2012 Operation Pillar of Defense has a “number of fundamental distortions of international law.”

The B’Tselem report, released May 8, “raises suspicion” that the Israeli military “violated International Humanitarian Law (IHL).” B’Tselem claims that its top concerns of Israel’s conduct were the “lack of effective advance notice of an impending attack and an unacceptably broad definition of what constitutes a ‘legitimate target.’”

NGO Monitor, however, pointed out that B’Tselem “has no knowledge of why any sites were targeted and therefore cannot draw conclusions relating to military necessity.” NGO Monitor also said B’Tselem admits it has “central methodological limitations” in its ability to gather data on Israel’s operations Gaza. Specifically, “B’Tselem acknowledges that it ‘is unable to investigate the lawfulness of each and every military strike during the operation,’” according to NGO Monitor.

Posted on May 9, 2013 .