Stanley Fischer, Bank of Israel governor, possible pick to head U.S. Federal Reserve

( Governor of the Bank of Israel Prof. Stanley Fischer, who will step down later this month, is not denying the possibility of vying for top post at the U.S. Federal Reserve after the position becomes vacant in January.

Click photo to download. Caption: Current Bank of Israel Governor Stanley Fischer. Credit: World Economic Forum via Wikimedia Commons.

Fischer did not confirm or deny the possibility when he was asked about it in London on Wednesday, saying only that it was unwise to “accept a job offer that no one has made to you” and that he “did not want to get into whether or not he would accept an offer,” the Financial Times reported.

Fischer is a well-known figure in global central banking circles and was a professor for the current head of the Federal Reserve, Ben Bernanke, at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.


Posted on June 13, 2013 .