Formula 1 Road Show thrills Jerusalem

( Some 100,000 people attended Israel’s first-ever Formula 1 Road Show in Jerusalem on Thursday and Friday. The unprecedented event drew a large and eclectic audience that cheered every time the show’s motorcycles and Formula 1 cars whizzed by, making hearts vibrate with their powerful engines.

A Formula 1 car. Credit: Wikimedia Commons.

“It was an amazing experience, the most fast and furious thing I have seen,” spectator Masada Porat told Israel Hayom. “It was a rare, extreme event that explodes in your face.”

Spectator Irena Fakula said, “We saw and heard the motorcycles up close, we saw the beautiful cars and we also saw lots of happy people. There should be more events like this in Jerusalem; people are starved for this kind of culture.”

Max Biaggi, one of the biggest names in motorcycle racing, sparked a lot of excitement when he rode his Ducati Tricolore bike at the show, and Biaggi himself sounded excited by the Formula 1 event in the Israeli capital. “It is very special for me to ride in Jerusalem—this amazing city,” Biaggi said. “This is an extraordinary event. I will never forget it.”

Posted on June 14, 2013 .