Robert De Niro says he respects Israelis for their ‘aggressiveness’

( Famed Actor Robert De Niro, known for his tough and aggressive personality on the big screen, said he appreciates similar qualities in the Israeli people.

Robert De Niro. Credit: David Shankbone.

“I always enjoy coming to Israel. Israelis are warm, they’re energetic people. Forthright. Very smart. I always like smart people. They’re nice people, you know. Aggressive, and I respect that aggressiveness because you need it in their situation,” De Niro said June 19 at the President’s Conference in Jerusalem, The Times of Israel reported.

De Nirohas played a number of Catholic roles in his movies, including “The Godfather Part II” and “The Mission” (in which he played a priest). De Niro’s signature toughness is perhaps best portrayed in the famous “You talkin' to me?” exchange from the movie “Taxi Driver.”

Posted on June 21, 2013 .